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Mihai Cuc is a part of DM Advisory, a company in Singapore that specializes in several corporate matters, such as: company formation, corporate planning, private equity, virtual CFO. has a reliable team of accountants, always ready to provide clients with professional financial services. Their approach is an integrated one, they tailor the services according to the type and size of the company and according to the business field in which it operates, as needed.

Mihai Cuc, Partner of Enescu & Cuc Law Firm

Francesco Dagnino

Foreign and local businessmen can rely on the services provided by this team of experts. They offer all of the usual accounting solutions, such as bookkeeping or filing tax returns and, in addition to these, they also help investors with IRAS and GST registration.

Francesco Dagnino, Partner of Lexia Avvocati

Vlad Cuc

As our partners at Bridgewest, the team at has maintained a high level of professionalism. They have provided, as needed, integrated accounting services, according to the needs of the clients. They have a sound approach towards providing quality financial services.

Vlad Cuc, Director of Bridgewest


Valeri Bendianishvili

A team that provides quality accounting services for all types of companies. Our inquiries were answered promptly and we were satisfied with the solutions. We have had a good overall communication with their specialists.

Valeri Bendianishvili, Lawyer and Managing Partner at Business Setup Georgia LLC

Jakub Chajdas

Prompt responses and tailored solutions. The team works based on the needs of the client company, is efficient and has effective answers to all of the main accounting issues. Clients can request bookkeeping services as well as tax return filing services but also a number of other services, as needed. 

Jakub Chajdas – Attorney-at-Law at CGO Legal Counseling